I have been asked many times by constituents a few basic questions, why am I running and why I feel I would make the best candidate so I have compiled some answers for you as to how I plan to tackle Reno and Northern Nevada’s most pressing issues.

1. Why are you running?

I believe Reno has entered a critical time that demands a consensus-building civic advocate that is passionate about protecting and preserving our neighborhoods. My personal experience of volunteerism with business associations, river preservation advocates, our homeless population, mental health facilities, and economic development has been the true force behind my decision to run. I have acquired a unique skill-set that has allowed me to build strong relationships and be a catalyst for real change. I have always had a desire to run for office, and my drive for becoming a candidate for city council started close to a decade ago, with the current state of things, I feel it is the optimum time for me to step up and be that voice for change.

Reno is in the midst of unprecedented change. Out of these times of positive population growth and amid a global crisis comes many unanticipated challenges. We must vote for leaders that communicate openly, effectively, and that can provide messages of hope while also providing actionable solutions to those challenges. My track record is proof that I can make intelligent decisions that will ensure our neighborhoods, parks, rivers, and families are adequately protected. It’s essential that we preserve our historical integrity, that we are responsible and positive about development, while supporting small business growth and at the same time being conscious and sensitive to our housing issues affecting so many families in our area.

2. Why should people vote for you?

We need someone who can rebuild Reno, I own a small business myself, and I have worked with my father to run his company Reno Engineering Corporation for over ten years. Reno is my hometown, I was born and raised here. Without this background, experience, and knowledge of how real-life businesses function, it’s my belief there will continue to be a lack of compassion and understanding of our service industry and the individuals that are currently facing substantial economic struggles and dire uncertainty. We have people on the front lines every day working to assist people in health services, education, unemployment, and working to find ways to keep people operational and employed. These individuals make up the pure fiber of our city, and I know I will provide real solutions that can offer opportunities for a safer community. I have worked tirelessly to establish programming for transitioning youth through The Nevada Youth Empowerment Project, The Eddy House and homeless youth counts. I have spent countless hours providing education and resources to our homeless and vulnerable populations. I understand what changes need to be addressed within public safety, fire, police, and on our streets. It is also my firm belief that although I am one vote of seven, my vote will always be based on the best interest of the thousands of individuals not only in our ward but our region.

3. What makes you the best candidate?

The facilitation of the belief that politics can be a process to give back is possible. Through my efforts to create new programs, more creative approaches, and ultimately change the entire dynamic of our city while being fiscally responsible, and collectively controlling growth through smart and sustainable development is a platform I know voters can stand behind. Currently, our teachers, fire and police are all faced with inadequate resources to keep them safe, and therefore keeping our community and each other safe while efficiently doing their jobs. I have spent a great deal of time with first responders, our senior safety advisors, police, and the hard-working volunteers that provide resources and protection on the ground floor. I want the opportunity to utilize my experience and my passion for delivering the change we lack in our ward and our region. I have managed multi-million dollar portfolios, and I have also worked with non-profit organizations with only a small operational budget. How we utilize the funds and resources we have is something I can confidently facilitate while offering transparency and immediate change.

I know and love my state and the future of our city is of unmatched importance to me. Through many efforts over the years, I have received acknowledgement as one of the top 150 of Reno’s influential community members by the City of Reno, 2018 Northern Nevada Business Weekly Top 40 Most Powerful Women, and 2019 Riverwalk District’s” Ripple Award” top community focused member. I founded UNR’s Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity that promotes a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of our citizens. I am the founding member of StartUp Row, Reno Riveters, and past charter captain for the House of Genius. In addition, I was recognized as the 2014 Reno News & Review: Best Business Woman, Best Social Networker, and Winner of the 2014 NCET Tech Star, and 2011 & 2012 Nanowrimo, recipient of the Family Business of the Year for Northern Nevada, Community Champion of the Year, NACE Impact Awards recipient, and was a 2016, 20 Under 40 Awardee.

This race affects our neighborhoods, seniors, veterans, our children, and how we will shape and build all the future addresses in the City of Reno. Our current race is a race for the people, one that requires immediate activation for safety and progress, and I am faithfully dedicated to being the voice as the next city of Reno councilwoman for ward 1.

I have the proven experience, the relationships, the track record, and the political integrity to deliver on our city’s vision and plans effectively.

4. How do you plan to tackle Reno and Northern Nevada’s most pressing issues?

My Vision for Reno it includes the following:


Historical integrity can easily marry development desires. We need to focus on preserving our open spaces and parks and recreation. We have seen during this crisis that our quality of life and health is dependent on access to the outdoors and our Nevadan natural landscape.

Public Safety.

As a true local, the future of our citizens and families is of critical importance to me. From our children to our seniors and even our pets, our neighborhoods deserve someone passionate about their protection and safety from crime. I have a life-long faith and appreciation of our police and firefighters. We know that they are the base of every city, and we need these men and women who protect us to be protected and receive the strong representation they deserve, with open-door policies, fair treatment, and correct budgeting. It has been incredibly beautiful to see the respect and love for all of our first responders and even pre-responders who interface with emergencies every day, putting their lives on the line.

Positive and Sustainable Growth.

I have over 15 years in the civil engineering, construction, and development industries, I know how to speak the language of intelligent development. I understand what a site plan looks like in real-time and how infrastructure is built, not just from a book.

We need to develop our urban core, build attainable housing, and commercial and industrial projects. To do this, we need someone who understands how vital efficient city staff and planning standards are to the fabric of a city’s internal operations. We must keep communication channels open so that we can work cohesively to build the best city possible—keeping fees low, encouraging creative planning, and working together with public and private sectors to get the right projects approved in proper timing and places.

Our city is composed of vastly diverse organizations with dedicated citizens and leaders. Given the authority, guidance and assistance they can work together with the city and one another to make more significant changes and do what THEY can do best and allow our tax dollars and budget to focus on what is necessary like police and fire.

As we approach this economic downturn, we are going to anticipate a slow down of development; we must be planning each project and working with the private sectors to build the best product possible at a price point that gets people back to work, families in homes, and launching new environmentally sustainable properties.

Small Business Champion for Compassionate Commerce.

As someone who understands the rise and falls of a small business, supporting commerce is of the utmost importance to me.

I am a conduit for our multi municipalities, including water conservations, creative partnerships & authentic relationships. I have the ability to unify and influence change, where others fail to be able to bring parties to one table.

Right now, our small businesses are under attack; they are being forced to shut down and walk away from their livelihoods due to this invisible villain, the Coronavirus. This leaves hundreds of people unemployed, scared of how to feed their children, and without the security of shelter.

We need to do every single thing possible to be creative, collaborate, and lead with purpose to get these local locations back up and running. They are essential to our economy, and they are the fabric of what makes Reno special and they even in dire times continue to be the most generous and selfless citizens, giving back and protecting their employees.

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