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Britton Griffith

About Reno Business Owner, Britton Griffith

Britton Griffith, Vice President of Reno Engineering Corporation (a development services company based in Nevada), and past Reno City Planning Commissioner, officially filed to run for Reno City Council Ward 1 in the 2020 election cycle. Ward 1 encompasses the central-west area of Reno. Griffith stated, “I believe Reno has entered a critical time that demands a consensus-building community advocate that is passionate about protecting and preserving our neighborhoods, Ward 1 requires an effective leader who will support the economic vitality and quality of life the citizens of Reno deserve. I believe I am that leader.”


PED UP! (Please Protect our Pedestrians)

Britton For Reno · Tuesday, March 3, 2020 · 3 minutes

STOP! Stop at the stop sign, stop texting and driving, stop running red lights, stop racing because you are late, just STOP!

In 2012 I was walking to work at about 7:00am downtown and was hit by a car who rolled the red stoplight, while I was in the crosswalk. Luckily, I was fine, only shook up. In 2014, a friend of mine from high school was hit in a crosswalk at night at the University, he was killed.

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