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Battle Born Spirit

Proven Leadership. Experienced Voice.

Now, more than ever, the ability to connect and access essential resources is critical to our health and can be life-saving.

It is at times like these we need proven leadership. Someone with the background, education, and commitment to the community to revitalize our city.

A long-standing advocate for small business, economic development, and public safety.

We know this is an uncertain time for all of us. As a community activist and leader, we want to make sure you remain safe and informed during this time of crisis. We are stronger together, and we need an experienced voice that takes action.

My One Vote Promise!

As a 5th generation Nevadan, University of Nevada graduate, female business owner and a past City of Reno Commissioner, I am fiercely committed to preserving and protecting our neighborhoods.
As a City Councilperson, often you are one critical vote out of seven. If elected, my promise to you and my fellow neighbors of Ward I is that my one vote would be dedicated to ensuring sustainability, supporting small businesses, and protecting our parks and citizens.

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