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My mother always told me to go out into the world and do well, but more importantly, do good. Since being a little girl, I have made this my mission. I know that I have a duty to my fellow citizens, and I measure the value of my life on the good I can do and influence.

As we evolve and grow as a community, it is crucial that we protect, our culture, our history and what makes Reno, Reno. We are unique, and our community is strong making us one-of-a-kind. We are the Biggest Little City in the World and I wouldn’t have us any other way.

Over the years I have worked as a homeless advocate and continuously strive to promote programs that are sustainable and provide measurable outcomes and success rates.

I have confidence in Reno’s economic diversity from our historical gaming to our more recent startup technology companies. I worked on the StartUp Row campaign, facilitated community collaborative catalyst groups such as House of Genius and the StartUp deck with EDAWN.

Through the Riverwalk District we raised nearly a million dollars in, donations, fundraising, events, in-kind sponsorships and initiatives for the beautification of our urban core over the last 11 years. In addition, environmental efforts such as a straw-less downtown, clean Truckee river, graffiti removal, and community trash pick-up days.

Arts are crucial to any city, and we are lucky to have a robust arts community including dedicated volunteers, amazing museums, Broadway, Burning Man and we truly shine as a city when we become ARTown in July. The arts have tremendous economic benefits, tourism traffic and assist to add dimension to an area. I have worked with mural groups, the burning man park, created Reno’s first Parklet, hosted international artists and encourage them to make Reno their home.

I have come to know the Council, staff, municipality leaders and stakeholders on a personal level. Over the course of these relationships, I believe I have proven myself to be a trustworthy, open-minded, collaborative, creative and steadfast candidate. I trust my record and relationships will speak for themselves. I would be honored for the opportunity to serve my city in this higher capacity.

I know that with my background, specific skill sets I can be of the most service to my Ward 1 neighbors and help to protect everything that makes us so special and unique to our City.

Britton Griffith
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